GlamTech Leadership Team

GlamTech Corporation has an experienced team of Engineers, Dermatologists, Scientists, Advisors and Mentors with OVER 50+ U.S. PATENTS GRANTED and 10 DECADES OF EXPERIENCE in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Science, Augmented Reality, Derm-Skincare and Retail.

Gbemi Ogunyomi

Chief Executive Officer

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Engineer, 12+yrs, 2X Startup Founder

Steven Ingram

Chief Technology Officer

Stanford Ph.D, M.Sc
Electrical Engineer, 10+ yrs

Martin Maltz

Chief Image Scientist

MIT, Ph.D Physics, 50+ U.S. Patents
Image Scientist, 46+ yrs

Sergey Prokushkin

Chief Computer Vision Researcher

Stanford Ph.D, Physics
Image Researcher, 20+ yrs

Stephen Lewellis

Chief Dermatologist
Stanford Medical School – Resident
NYU Medical School – MD

Chen Wang

Co-Chief Dermatologist
Stanford Medical School – Resident
Yale Medical School – MD

Corporate Experience

Ivy League Education


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